Dear visitor, my name is Peter Goettler and I run a small ceramic workshop in Goerlitz/ Germany. This is where the Oryoki bowls are made, which you can find here on these pages. The bowls are handcrafted by me from start to finish.


Oryoki is a meditative form of eating which evolved many centuries ago in the ancient Buddhist monasteries in Japan and China. The practice emphasizes mindful eating, thankfulness and virtues.


Literally Oryoki means "that which contains just enough".


My bowls are made of earthenware and fired at 1050 °. Inside I glaze them,  outside the bowls are unglazed natural. Each bowl is signed on the bottom with a stamp.


They are lead-free in mass and glaze, cadmium-free and acid-resistant and therefore suitable for food.


All bowls are one of a kind pieces. Small deviations in color or shape are a sign of the handycraft production and should be embraced.



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Peter Goettler


Hospitalstrasse 3


02826 Goerlitz




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